Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Chapter / New Beginning

Our beach party, I am thrilled to say, was a major hit, and the entire class was present. We had such a great time spending our last day at CPS together, and everyone was wearing a big smile during our party.

We had a 'beach freeplay' to start, where the children could decorate a bucket hat, sandal box, or make a lei. There were also beach animals in the sensory table to play with, as well as an aquarium. Afterward, we shared a delicious beach breakfast together, and then moved outdoors to play some games together: beach bowling, shell scavenger hunt, water the fish relay.

We concluded the party by singing some of our favorite songs for our friends and family: With A Little Help From My Friends, and the new Columbus Preschool Song (lyrics below, to the tune of Mrs. Robinson).

And here's to you, Columbus Preschool
We had more fun than you could ever know
Woa woa woa
Yes it's true we say goodbye today
And if we could we'd love to stay and play
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

Singing at our beach party on Wednesday afternoon
We sure loved eating all those cupcakes!
Laugh together, play together, if we had to choose
These preschool memories we'd never want to lose

Where have you gone, Alex and Darla?
Our classroom wished you could have been here too
Woo woo woo
But Benji, Drew, and Amanda stayed
And helped us to create and grow and play
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

When I look back, we had a truly amazing year together. Ladybugs, wild things, airplanes, presidents, ducks, plants, dinosaurs, a trip to the post office, the Queen of Colors, sensory hike, yoga, music, dance, freeplay, playground........ so many memories!

We asked some of the children to reflect on their favorite memories from the school year:

Bayla: I like gym, because I like doing flip overs.

C.J.: I like library because lots of books. I like dinosaur books!

Eddie: My favorite thing is playground because I like to run around. I like to use cars and bikes to go super fast!

Jake: I like about school because I like soccer because I have so much fun and sometimes [Drew] comes in and I give you a big hug.

Christian: My favorite is goodbye because sometimes mom and dad come.

Spencer: My favorite part of school is freeplay. My favorite is magnet blocks because you can build and play.

Kosmo: My favorite part is soccer because sometimes I fall and that's funny!

Ariana: My favorite part is playground. Me and Will play super heroes.

Will: My favorite part is when I was making the sun [for our beach party].

Frankie: My favorite part of school was playing freeplay, 'cause you can dress up in dramatic play.

Kurt: I can play in the playground. I can play hyena with my friend C.J.

Dylan: When it's time to say goodbye 'cause my mom picks me up for special playdates. I used to like making letters.

(Caroline, Carly, Phobe, Christopher, Ella, feel free to submit your thoughts and I can put them on the web page!)

I have seen each child grow in their own way during the school year, and I only wish I could continue to watch their progress next year. Thanks for being a great team of families-- I couldn't have asked for a better group!

PS there is a lost and found on top of the cubbies--- many umbrullas, items of clothing, lost toys, etc--- stop by to claim what may be yours!

Thanks again, all the best,


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