Saturday, June 6, 2009

Going To The Beach!

We've been hard at work to prepare for our beach party on Wednesday! The children have bene decorating their t-shirts using spray fabric paint (easier than traditional tie-dye, and more creative control!). They also constructed palm trees from scratch, painted a giant sun, and began making umbrellas for shade on the beach..... awesome!!!

Two birthday celebrations this week! Happy Birthday, Carly and Spence

On Tuesday, we were fortunate to feature Mr. Gibson, Spencer's karate instructor. Together, they helped us learn some basic poses, moves, and ideas. The preschoolers really enjoyed the demonstration and participation, especially when Spencer broke a wooden board with his bare hand!!! (Mr. Gibson made sure we knew to only attempt that with him, or another black belt!)
We practiced making warrior faces, exercising our bodies, and had a great time! Everyone was also invited to come to a free class with Mr. Gibson at his studio. Thanks, Spencer + Mr. Gibson!

We also learned about 'big cats' with CJ and his dad. Now we can tell the difference between leopards and jaguars (the latter has small spots within the circular spots on their fur), and we know the proper name for a female lion (lioness). We played with some of these big cats (hyenas, too!) during freeplay... .Thanks, CJ!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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