Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Thumbs

We've had so much fun this week! Hopefully your campers have been telling you about all the fun stuff we do all day, but in case they are shy on details, here is a breakdown:

Here's a simple camp equation: oreo's + pudding + gummi worms = (yum)dirt cups.
A messy yet delicious treat for us to enjoy at the end of the day!

Earlier in the week, we decorated our own flower pots and then planted some seeds: wildflowers, or forget-me-nots. Some have started to sprout already! The campers have been doing a great job taking care of their seeds, making sure they have just enough water and plenty of sunlight.

With Janet on Monday, we began a sprouting-related science experiment. After planting some seeds in our box of dirt, we placed coins over them, and tried to imagine what will happen to the coins when the plants attempt to grow. We check the box daily to see if anything has changed... nothing yet!!

Open Ended Art Activity!! We took potential trash (styrofoam packaging material) and let the campers turn it into something much more interesting. We used paint, pipe cleaners, small styrofoam balls, and toothpicks, to make some truly unique creations.... check them out on our bulletin board!

OK---- the sprinklers provide some serious fun during our camp day! Some of the campers stand under the water almost meditatively, while others enjoy filling up buckets and... well... the photos tell the rest!

We sure have some super sculptors in our camp group! Check out some of their wooden-and-magnatile creations! They could seriously play with these for hours.

We had a lot of fun dancing... Adelaida let us pick the songs we wanted! We did the twist, rockin' robin, and a few new ones... we also had fun playing freeze dance to some classic Motown grooves.

Here are some other photos from our week. Next week's theme is Fun In The Sun. Remember to meet us at the pool on Monday morning! 87th St ! Enjoy the weekend...

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