Saturday, December 13, 2008

(Dora Maar)

Don't cry! What's the matter? There there. We looked at this painting on a morning when a few children were feeling sad. We asked everyone a why the woman might be crying, or to comment on what they see:

"She's looking in the mirror."
"Someone hurt her."
"She is in her room, and it was so dark, and someone scared her."
"Someone said boo."
"She's crying because she has a tissue. . . It's white."
"Someone pushed her."

Lately, we have been observing artwork and discussing it, and we have twice painted with our feet. The children enjoy talking about paintings they made, as well as ones in the art books we examine. Picasso and Van Gogh have been favorites.

On Thursday, we said goodbye and thank you to our student teacher Farrah from Columbia. Her kindness, instincts, and assistance will be missed. The children made an enormous card for her, and she donated some new books and also a plush pigeon from the "Pigeon" book series that they adore. Farrah also organized a special snack on Thursday, where the children made edible faces from crackers, cheese, carrots, and dried fruit. Thanks, Farrah!

Paper plates: cheap, durable, versatile. We turned them into ice skates on Friday, and practiced our gliding skills while listening to "Skating" by Vince Guaraldi.

As a class, we are the most talented group of dancers you've ever seen. We enjoy doing 'three-step' dances, and the dancers have begun to spin their partners. They are all doing such an amazing job, and we are very proud.

Our time on the playground is not all fun and games. Oh wait, it totally is. But there are countless opportunities for growth and learning. When the children get into traffic jams with their cars, they try to organize a way to let everyone through. With the mileage the children accumulate on these foot-powered buggies, they are basically getting a gym-caliber workout. When someone wants to play with a ball that is taken, the children practice using their politely asking nicely skills. Just say please! And when you are working in the sandbox, you are getting a fine motor/sensory explosion ! Watch these two diligent workers in the movie below:

As you can see from the photos below, there are plenty of smiles on the playground.

Remember, this is our last week of school before the winter break. Thanks for stopping by!