Friday, June 27, 2008


Camp, I must admit, has been a terrific ride so far. I've been fortunate to work with such wonderful campers, who love to have fun, and who enjoy each other's company so much. This week, we talked about any-and-everything having to do with PLANTS ! We spent an entire day talking about dirt, we planted our own seeds (campers could choose from tomato, green beans, evening stars, chives, green peppers, or the 'mystery seeds' that I could not identify), made our own salad (the sight of seeing thirteen campers eating salad together...and enjoying it... priceless!!), sang the Seed Cycle song, examined species with magnifying glasses, read gardening/seed stories and fact books, and made a garden mural (on display above the easels).
All this in addition to our first trip to the pool (100% good times!!), playground time,
yummy lunches and snacks, gym time (including EXTRA gym time today, when everyone had a chance to use the climbing wall, trampoline, climbing ladder, and ring toss), stories, songs, rests, and, my favorite element, LAUGHTER. Yes, camp really is this much fun!

Here are some pictures: