Saturday, March 28, 2009

My baby she wrote me a letter

Once again, the children have discovered the pleasure of writing/sending/receiving letters. Hooray! They have found empty food boxes to use as mailboxes, and have enjoyed writing during freeplay.

Now that we have some real envelopes to use as well, they are also becoming familiar with the taste of envelope adhesive.

We've also been using paper to make pa
per airplanes. The children love taking them out to the playground to see them soar. Making the airplane is a great activity to do with the children, as a fine motor activity (folding and creasing), and it also involves symmetry, repeating, and the science of aerodynamics. Some have discovered that certain types of paper, according to thickness, do not make suitable planes.

Below, our work on our version of the American flag continues.... Jasper Johns, eat your heart out!!

We've been continuing to prepare for our art show in May... here is a sneak peak at one recent, incredibly messy art project:

Rockin' Robin? The Hello Song? Twist and Shout? The 3-Step?
These are but a few of our favorite songs for singing and dancing. Adelaida always brings the party, and sometimes the party includes brightly colored scarves, which the children love using to wave with the musi
c, or toss up and catch. Adelaida also brought two small guitars, so the children could rock out during the guitar solo on Twist and Shout. Two guitars, for seventeen children? Adelaida, have you lost your mind? Of course not, because she has faith in our class' ability to share and take turns! It worked!
Enjoy the rest!