Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun @ The Beach

Holy Hot Dogs! We had our first Hot Dog picnic on Friday...... ketchup or mustard?

Surfin' CPS! On Thursday we made surfboards and took them out to sea to catch some tasty waves! While listening to classic Beach Boys songs, we practiced paddling out, balancing, hanging ten, and waxing our boards. We even got a little wet from all those humongous waves (via spray bottles).

Shiver me timbers!!! A pirate ship docked at our playground on Friday, and oh my goodness did the campers have fun! A treasure chest, pirate hats, shields, cannons...... arrrrghh!!!

The ocean is filled with many wondrous animals... and this week we took a look at many of them. Using paper bags, paper plates, newspaper, pipe cleaners, ribbon, construction paper, and drawing materials, the campers created many awesome ocean animals, such as squids, jellyfish, octopuses, fish, sharks, and whales! Creativity was all around, and we loved hanging their results on the bulletin boards.

Our 'Fun in the Sun' theme meant a lot of sand play in our sensory table. We also made arts and crafts projects using sand and shells.... and there were even a few mermaid appearances.

This week, we played 'Sink or Float?' After talking about water, and all the different places that we find it (the ocean, bathroom, our bodies) we discussed the difference between sinking and floating. Why do some things sink while others float? Do bigger things sink? Can something small sink too? Let's find out! We collected an assortment of objects, examined them, and then guessed: sink or float? There were many surprises......! The campers were able to 'make' some things sink by placing heavier objects on top of them.... amazing!

Science Update!
We revisited our grass seed box to see how grass would grow if coins were placed over the seeds. Results below:

Assorted photos from our week--- enjoy!
Next week's theme: Red White & Blue