Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow is a Toy that Falls From the Sky

..Poetic, no?
So much snow!
These fluffy flakes are a wonderful material to put in our sensory table. Earlier last week, we featured ice cubes, and we have also used 'magic snow' (artificial, lasts a long time, just add water!). How did we get all the snow from the playground into the table? Well, we put our 17 super scoopers to work! Of course, as they get older, the children may see this as manual labor, and may not enjoy it as much, but for now, LET'S GET SCOOPING!

Our art/ists curriculum continues! We read this wonderful book about a boy named Bernard who sees a man painting pictures in Central Park. The mysterious man (Van Gogh) shows the child his paintings at MoMA, an dthe book is filled with paintings in the style of Van Gogh depicting many NYC landmarks. This was a fun book to read, and the children really enjoyed naming familiar buildings and sights, as well as the many different interpretations of the 'Starry Night' painting featured throughout.

Wanna waltz? We had a great dance class on Friday with Adelaida... we are close to perfecting the 3-step. Also below is a movie of the children in action. It's really amazing to see this live! (Don't worry, parents, you'll get your chance in the spring, after we've practiced some more).

Cupcakes? Muffins? Not sure... but they had sprinkles! And they were enjoyed by all. This was a nice way for us to wrap up our week. We love pushing the tables together for a real communal experience.

Enjoy these photos from the rest of our week.... lots of artwork, as you can see!

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Lori Nitschke-Hansen said...

Sprinkle cupcakes are what happens when Mom has a spare cake mix but nothing to make frosting!! Fortunately, they aren't old enough to really complain.