Sunday, January 11, 2009


First, let's all welcome Phoebe to our class. She enjoys painting, singing, and the alphabet. Welcome, Phoebe!!

We have had such a smooth transition back into the school routine. Our week was very productive, and the classroom felt cool and confident. We have been singing lots of songs, and sharing great stories. We began working on lowercase letters this week, among other handwriting skills.

Be sure to check out some of the artwork hanging up on our bulletin boards. Some feature our color explorations (red/yellow/blue). We have discussed Pablo Picasso's 'Blue Period' while looking at his works that heavily feature shades of blue, as well as those of other artists.

The class helped to create a list of as many colors as we could name, and we then tried to name things that are those colors. They soon realized that some things (shirts, balloons) can be any color.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera home to upload photos, so check back tomorrow evening for shapshots from our week.

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