Saturday, January 24, 2009

Petit Presidents

"How do you spell Obama?"
"J is for Joe Biden."
"John McCain is sad because he lost."

Yes, the youngest generation has Obama fever. There were many children who were talking about President Obama and the First Family on Tuesday (and for the rest of the week), and we were able to have several discussions about Presidents, the White House and taking oaths. We listened to the Inauguration on AM Radio. We then inaugurated the children, asking them to place their left hand on the book ("Treasury of Children's Classics"), raise the right, and asked them if they promise to: help keep everyone in our country safe, make sure we have good schools, keep the White House clean and orderly, etc.

What a great way to experience the historic, relief-bringing day together!

We then took a look at the U.S. flag and talked about the patterns we see, shapes, colors, etc. The children then set off to make their own flags, which we completed the following day by adding enormous popsicle sticks to the side, for waving. It's about time someone made a flag with dinosaurs on it! Another child made "a flag, with more flags!" (a la Kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables).

A few photos of gym in action. Forward rolls & strong finishes...

C'mon, how much fun is preschool, really? Look, we even have fun during lunchtime. We have begun talking about food and nutrition, and as we progress, we may turn lunch into lunch lab, as we examine food choices, tastes, and nurtitional value.

This won't be like yer grandpappy's food pyramid.

Additional photos below. Some children are seen drawing on circular paper. They are working on rough drafts for our 'make a plate' kits (children will each bring home their own personally designed reusable plate!)

Some of the topics we are covering now or soon:
Painters (Van Gogh, Picasso), Paintings (discussing, analyzing), Color (mixing, lighten/darken), Presidents, Flags, Mail, Nutrition.

Also, remember that we have another break on the horizon: no school the week of February 16th.

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