Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sensory Hike

On Thursday, we went up to Teatown Lake Reservation [] for a Sensory Hike. We were encouraged to use our eyes, ears, noses, and hands to explore particular experiences along our hike. Can you hear a bird? How does this tree stump feel, and why does it have horizontal lines? How does this leaf smell? (see below)

We hiked through the woods, along the 'blue path,' for an hour, before returning to the main lodge for some lunch (with a bear!)
The children were prepared for heavy rain all day, but fortunately the rain arrived once we returned to school.

Muddy boots, sunshine, turtles... keep reading!

Well hello, little worm! We made friends with an inchworm!

Log turning...... not something city kids do very often. You never know what you'll find under a log, and in our experience, we found many tiny insects, including a bright red spider.. COOL!

We took a nice break near a pond, and a fowl friend swam right up to the dock! We think it was looking for food, but it sure didn't mind having a large group of preschoolers nearby.

Phew, what's that smell? ? Ahh yes.... skunk cabbage! Christian's face says it all.

How can you tell if a field trip was successful? The bus photos below say it all. Most of us were exhausted!!

Enjoy the rest...
[Remember that you've been invited to observe our dance class next Friday]

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