Friday, March 20, 2009

Parfaits are Perfect

Who says desserts can't be healthy?
For a delicious end to our week, we made parfaits! We talked about layering, and what could have been art projects doubled as a mixture of tastes, colors, and textures! Choices included: honeydew, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, yogurt, graham cracker crumbles, golden raisins, and dry cereal. We called on the children to help out with washing, cutting, and serving. After we admired the different creations as a class, we dug in.

Playing with Plastic Produce!
Our food and nutrition curriculum munches forward. We have been looking at the wonderful varieties of food we can eat, a virtual rainbow of food choices! Green peppers, yellow squash, brown bread (whole grain of course), purple eggplant, red tomatoes, blue blueberries orange oranges! After reading a book about all the colors of food, we played a game, involving TEAMWORK! Groups of three sorted by color an array of foods as quickly as they could, placing similarly colored foods in the appropriate basket (some, like corn, could go in the yellow or green basket). Lots of hi-fives at the end, too.... great job everybody! Next stop: Supermarket Sweep (is that show still on?)

Fabulous Flag!
Why wait until flag day (June 14.... your calendars are marked, right? Right?!?) to celebrate the Stars and Stripes? Stemming from our president/white house discussions last month, we are using our hands to create a preschool interpretation of one of America's many symbols (others include the bald eagle, the dollar sign, baseball, and anything fried).

Super Straw Sculptures!
Ah yes, the experience of building in three dimensions! I picked up some straws at the corner bodega ($1/box/40) and we put them out with some tape to see what creations would emerge. I thought the two materials may be incompatible or difficult to work with, but the children made some really awesome sculptures. Look for them hanging on the bulletin board over the easels sometime this week.

Drum Day!
Drum day rocks. A professional percussionist, Joe the Drummer (no relation to Joe the Plumber) brings in an array of instruments, shows us how they work and sound, and then gets the dance party started! The children all loved hearing Joe make the sounds, and we learned how different sized drums make different sounds, which also depends on the material from which the drum has been crafted. Video posted below, after the last photograph, check it out!

Assorted other photos from our week below... Enjoy!

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