Sunday, March 15, 2009

Come Out And Clay!!

Clay: open-ended, therapeutic, sensory, messy, soft, hard, wet, dry, heavy, flat, round... AWESOME! We love clay, all things clay. It is a staple of preschool classrooms, and pretty much everyone enjoys using it. We have been doing some *early* prep work for our art show (in May) with clay, making sculptures (Princess Ariel, twin doggies-both named Mexico, volcanoes, art studios, monsters, dinosaurs, rocketships) and discussing what we've made. We've learned how to keep clay moist and workable, and we are looking to see where further explorations with clay takes us.

“You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.”- John Updike

I love a good quote.
We've noticed that life is blooming within our playground garden! This is a much welcomed signal of the arrival of spring/departure of winter. It also means that we can begin to plant seeds, which fits quite nicely with our nutritional curriculum. Last year, we successfully grew green beans, among other edibles---- so delicious!! As a matter of preparation, the children practiced planting in the sandbox... look what started to grow!

Enjoy these photos from our latest dance class!

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