Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twinkling the Ivories

We are so fortunate to have a full-sized piano/keyboard in our classroom! The children have been having a lot of fun using it during freeplay. Since so many people want to use it, we posted a sign-up sheet next to the piano, so everyone can have some time using it and we can practice waiting our turn! They love the sign-up sheet so much that they actually created additional sheets, which they have taped up in the area. Some children have also been writing their own 'sheet music,' to use when they play the piano. The piano has brought new life to that corner of the classroom, and the children hung up a lot of decorations, as you can see. Movie posted below:

Did anyone hear that loud rumble coming from 89th St. on Thursday afternoon? It was due to a VOLCANIC ERUPTION in our classroom....!!! Some of the children on Wednesday were very interested in talking about volcanoes, so we looked at some photographs and talked about what goes on when a volcano erupts. The following day, using flour and water, we made our own volcano (built around a water bottle) and then added the classic combination of vinegar and baking soda (plus a drop of soap for extra bubbles, and food coloring), and KABOOM.. guaranteed smiles, wows and whoas!
As we gear up to talk about nutrition with the children, we first want them to explore some of our (plastic) food options in school. They love to pretend to serve food to others, talk on the celery-phone, or butter up their favorite grapes.

For all those parents of picky eaters out there, check out this link to a Newsweek article ("
Children often need to try a new food 10 to 15 times before they will accept it.") --->

We have a new flag matching activity... I'm also trying to round up some real flags to bring in to school....

Remember: No School 2/16-2/20
Upcoming Events: Valentine's Day Party (kids only!) 2/13.... Greenburgh Nature Center (bringing live animals) 2/24.... Post Office Field Trip 2/26.... Picture Day 3/5 & 3/6

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