Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Dear Mr. President..."

We love talking about Presidents! This week, we read two books (pictured below) about the pursuit of the highest office in the country. We have been wondering aloud what it might be like to live in the White House. We have talked about pets in the white house (ponies! parakeets!) and asking the children what pets they would bring if they were President. . . is there any room for a shark tank? We also found out how Lincoln Logs got their name.

In connection with our Presidential curriculum and our upcoming Valentine's Day events (making mailboxes, sending letters), we asked the children what might be a good way to communicate with the President and the First Family. Additionally, last week we read a book about communication (being a good listener/how can you show someone that you are listening)... see how it's all connected? One child said that the President should come to preschool in his jet and take us all back to the White House with suggested calling him on the phone.... and another said we should write a letter to President Obama. Awesome! We talked about why writing a letter would be the best way to communicate with him, and we began making a list of things they want to write in the letter.

Here are some students working on an art project, involving paint and contact paper. After their paintings are sandwiched between the contact paper, they are then laminated and made into a placemat! Good for neater eaters!

Here are assorted photos from our week.
Please remember that we are closed the week of February 15th.
Also remember to bring in a large tissue box or a shoe box for your child to use to make a mailbox for Valentine's Day.


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