Saturday, November 8, 2008

Conference Marathon!

Thanks to all who were able to attend conferences this week. We the teachers always look forward to sharing with you our observations. Thanks for coming on time, everybody, and for being flexible with your scheduled time...

We surely had a strange week in school, with very few children in attendance. Hopefully everyone has been getting some rest, finished any antibiotics, and is ready to get back into the swing of school!

During the previous two weeks, we have been conducting several kinds of votes in school, coinciding with the incredibly long 2008 Presidential Campaign. Some of these votes are on display in the classroom, and we can continue to vote in school post-election, because the children love doing it!

I'd also like to officially welcome Kosmo to our class, which, on a healthy day, now numbers 16 children. Kosmo has been enjoying playing with blocks and painting at the easel, and he is a wonderful addition to our classroom community!

Enjoy the weekend!

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