Friday, October 31, 2008

Peter Pan Puppets, Pumpkins!

We had a wonderful Halloween in school today. Our trip to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater was the perfect way to spend our morning. We even had a bit of extra time before the show started to explore Belvedere Castle, overlooking Turtle Pond. The children had a great time, and the performance was very entertaining. It was somewhat of a 'NYC Version' of the show, complete with stroller references and tributes to the diversity in the city. Wendy, Peter, Captain Hook, Smee, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys all made their appearances, and there were lots of great songs along the way.

We made it back to school in time for lunch and (a well-deserved) rest, and even had time to make pumpkin muffins, and to dance with Adelaida!

Also, our ladybugs *finally* arrived on Thursday. They had accidentally been delivered to Super Soccer Stars next door, and had been sitting in a tube marked 'OPEN IMMEDIATELY' for who knows how long. Fortunately, all the larva appear to be in good health, and the children excitedly helped put together a suitable home for them, with cotton balls, leaves, and water-filled sponges for them to drink from. Once they turn into adult ladybugs, they will be hungry for some raisins! We will watch them carefully over the next few days to see if we notice any changes. Soon they will turn into the red-and-black beetles that are familiar to all of us.

Other names for the ladybug:
Ireland: bóín Dé-"God's little cow"
Croatia: Božja ovčica- "God's little sheep"
France: bête à bon Dieu, "the Good Lord's animal"
Turkey: Turkish: uğur böceği "Lucky Bugs"

Remember: No school on Thursday and Friday because we have conferences together! I will be sending out reminder notices so you can remember your scheduled time.

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