Saturday, July 5, 2008

Get Your Groove On

This week, we explored music and dance in its many variations. The centerpiece of our week was a concert from the J & B Blues Project ( The fraternal-twin-duo played some awesome rock and roll and blues songs, acoustic and electric, and got us all up on our feet for a dance party.
Oh yea.... did I mention that the musicians are TWELVE YEARS OLD?!?!
Here is a movie from the concert:

Other music and dance activities included a classical music listening session, where we all tried to tune in to hear some of the different instruments playing, and we even heard everyone's suggestions as to what the music reminds them of. Example: Beethoven's 5th Symphony (dun dun dun dunnnn) reminded some campers of giants, or witches, and other scary things!
We also made our own hand drums, played freeze dance, played & sang 'Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes,' as well as a variation on the song, 'Heads and Shoulders, Baby, 1 2 3!,' which I think was the favorite of the two. We read a story about famous tap dancer Bojangles (Bill Robinson), and then did some tap of our own!

Our second trip to the pool was a whole lotta fun... I think you can see from the pictures below. The pool employs wonderful instructors who are great at working with our kids, and we always look forward to our next trip! Remember, starting this Wednesday (7/9), we will be meeting at the pool at 9am.. our swim time is 9:15 sharp!

We are moving on to our next thematic unit, Summer Safari, in which we will talk about animals and their habitats. The Pet Zoo On Wheels is stopping by on Wednesday, we cannot wait for that! I asked them specifically to bring the most exotic animals in their arsenal.

Please enjoy these photos below, they convey how much fun we have every day. See you Monday!

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