Saturday, January 19, 2008

Captain's Log:

Our crew: Seventeen rookie astronauts
Our equipment: One rocketship (upside-down table), spacesuits for each crew member, puppets, camera
Our rations: Food (pretzels, graham crackers), Water
Our mission: Travel around the universe, learn about the infinite darkness above

As you can see from our brainstorm web below, we are already familiar with many space terms and concepts. From meteors to martians, stars to our solar system's eight planets (sorry, Pluto), we have been having great discussions about everything space-related.
We have been noting basic characteristics about the planets, such as size, color, distance from the sun, general temperature, number of moons, and terrestrial planets vs gas giants.

Back on Earth, our lowercase letters have been coming along quite nicely. By now, the children have become more comfortable with proper pencil grip, and have been
coming up with some great words that contain the letter sound.

We discuss how some letters make more than one sound, such as 'G.' However, one child was able to suggest a word that has two G's, each making a different sound (juh and guh)....
Give up??......

GARBAGE! (also: gauge, gunge... I think the latter is a British term...)

The class also helped to create a new activity for freeplay: a color-matching game.
Using the corks you generously (and merrily) donated, the children painted the bottoms different colors. We can use remaining corks to play other matching games (letters, numbers, shapes, etc), so keep drinking, people!

Some of the children were making the most delicious pizza during freeplay, and were truly generous in sharing with others. Pepperoni-carrot, anyone?

And lastly, here are some oh-so-precious photos of the children dancing. While we have been working on our dance steps, the children have also been singing along to "What a Wonderful World," by Louis Armstrong, both in dance and music class. They are pretty familiar with the song by now, so if you want to have a sing-along at home, go for it!

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