Sunday, July 5, 2009

White, Blue, Red

This week's theme: red white and blue! We've been playing with toys, paint, and activities using these colors all week! One morning for freeplay, I had set out felt, paper, and glue, and one child began making an American flag, and then others joined in....making flags from all over the world. For reference, we used a flag matching game I made during the school year. It was amazing watching them make these flags, especially because it grew out of an open ended felt activity. See if you can identify some of the flags flying below!

We loved making flags so much, we even made them..... the easel, or with elastic bands....

We even used crinkle paper and glitter to make awesome American flags!

On Thursday we made a delicious red white and blue snack. Using strawberries, yogurt, blueberries, and crushed graham crackers, the campers celebrate the colors of America with this tasty treat!

We made two different types of fireworks for our (early) 4th of July celebration. Campers squeezed drops of sparkle paint onto black paper and then used toothpicks to 'drag' the paint outwards from the drop, creating an exploring effect. We also used paint in spray bottles to make beautiful firework designs at the easel!

We had a red white and blue scavenger hunt, where campers had to find Cuisenaire rods hidden around the classroom, and then drop it off at the appropriate table.
1) Slow walking feet at all times
2) You may return one block at a time
3) Block must be returned to red white or blue table.

Our playground garden has just grown green beans and radishes!!

Snapshots from our trip to Wild West Playground in Central Park:

Scenes from the latest production of the "Spongebob Squarepants Show Movie!"
Seems that Spongebob saw a shooting star, and then the star fell to the ground, and Spongebob stepped on it. Now the star is stuck to his foot and it apparantly gives Spongebob magical climbing flying and skiing abilities. Note: In this performance, there are two Spongebobs, and a Patrick.

And now, here's Janet with an update about our awesome Science class!

We learned about Static Electricity by rubbing our hands together and causing friction and heat. Then we explored static electricity by rubbing balloons against our hair and body using large and fine motor movement. We held the balloons over materials to see if the static electricity would attract the materials and if the materials got stuck to the balloon. We had a discussion to see what materials didn't stick to the balloon and why they didn't.

Bennett -Our hands have different kind of energy. The tin paper didn't stick.
Tommy- It's sticking. The decorating play things were not sticking on the balloon.
Riley- It is not sticking.The rainbow things stick.
Carly - The sprinkles stick.
Kosmo- The sparkles stick on the balloon.
Noah-The sparkles sticked on my balloon.
Caroline- The buttons did not stick.
Dylan- The sparkles and the sprinkles stick on my balloon
Olivia- The silver paper stuck to my balloon.

Q: Why didn't they stick?
Kosmo- They didn't stick because no one put glue on them.
Tommy- The buttons weren't attractive to the electricity because electricity only works.
Bennett- I have three questions: 1. The first one is one I already asked. 2. When I put the sparkle on the balloon it stuck on my nose because my nose has electricity to bring big things. I thought my nose had mucus and mucus had electricity. 3. They didn't stick to the buttons because they have holes.

We also talked about our sand clay they made last week. They told me they played with it seashells. " Bennett said, "The sand felt like mushy bananas." Noah and Riley said,"It felt like play dough."

And here's what happens when charged balloons are near hair:

Thanks, Janet!
We celebrated Riley's birthday this week, Happy Birthday Riley! She brought in a delicious treat that she helped make at home.. mmm!

We took out some surfboards on Thursday, to catch some killer waves! We practiced balancing, paddling, and floating while listening to the Beach Boys.. .. we even got sprayed by some big waves, too!

Here are some assorted photos from freeplay and playground. Enjoy!
Next week's theme: Splish Splash! A Water Adventure

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