Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prehistoric Preschool

We have begun our curriculum unit on dinosaurs! The children have been talking about dinosaurs pretty much since September, and it is a suitable segue from our Flight Unit, since there are many flying dinosaurs to talk of.

This activity, painting with our feet, was inspired by the children's interest in dinosaur footprints. They loved making their own tracks on the floor, and next week, we will begin examining other animal tracks to see if we can identify an animal based on its footprint shape.

We have a TON of dinosaur figures in our classroom to play with. Some are enormous, some are the size of your hand, and some are really small. The smallest ones are made of rubber and come in four bold colors- these are great for sorting and patterning as well.

Jake and Christopher enjoyed making 'dinosaur meat' and baking it in the oven.

We made some really amazing dinosaur art this week. The children enjoyed using large paper for their drawings, especially the experience of drawing on the floor. We have created space for them to do this during freeplay as well, which has encouraged even the occasional artist to have fun on the floor. (You can see pictures of non-dino floor drawings at the bottom of this post.)

For snack, we've been enjoying eating 'dinosaur bones' (veggie stix) and 'lava' (applesauce).

As you can see, we have many great resources for learning about dinosaurs. Books, flash cards, posters, and an eventual trip to the Museum of Natural History (suggested and approved by the children) all help to create supplementary imagery and information about these awesome animals.

Remember, our Annual International Pot Luck Dinner is this Thursday at 6:00. Please sign up to bring in an internationally-flavored dish, preferably one that reflects your family's heritage.

After we eat, there will be entertainment in the main lobby from 7:00 to 7:30 for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the rest of my photos from our awesome week, including a movie at the bottom of the class rehearsing a holiday song with Adelaide.

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