Saturday, February 9, 2008

Giants, Hillary Win Big, Preschool Still The Best

Radha came to class on Friday to teach us about India. This was a wonderfully interactive experience, and each child was able to dress up in traditional Indian clothing while listening to Indian music. Bindis were available for anyone (boys, too) who wished to wear one.

children love learning about new places and cultures. Feel free to come in and talk to the class about your family's heritage, and let me know if you need some ideas about what to do. Stories, cooking, pictures, and clothing are all great ways to show what it's like to live in another part of the world.

We had another special guest this week, when Amy came in to read the Icious Chronicles: Purplicious and Pinkalicious. These stories raised some great topics, including a discussion about debunking the idea of 'girl colors' and 'boy colors.' I was thrilled that many of the children were aware that anyone can choose to like any color.

The children have been busy making many space drawings, including some wonderful astronauts. They are on display above the block area.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and we will be having a celebration o
f love. During the week, the children will be able to decorate their mailboxes (please bring in a shoe or tissue box) and can distribute valentines to their friends.

Also, I hope to take the class to the Museum of Natural History during the week of the 25th. The museum has some fantastic exhibits about the universe, and I know that everyone will enjoy the experience. I will keep you posted on a specific date.

And finally, what fruit is more appropriate to enjoy during an outer space unit th
an.... starfruit? Also called a carambola, this tart, slightly sweet, slightly sour, juicy and crunchy fruit was enjoyed by nearly every child in the room, including the converted naysayers who declare that they don't like it before even trying it. Success!

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