Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ancient Aegypt !

Technically, I can continue my 'double-A-streak' here, because 'Egypt' is derived from the Latin word 'Aegytpus,' which I believe means 'below the Aegean (sea).' Okay, I am a total nerd for even mentioning this, but it's interesting..... isn't it???

Anyway, we have been quite busy lately, especially with all things pyramid. From the magna-tiles to clay to cardboard to blocks, there have been pyramids popping up all over the classroom! This is surely great practice for building a bigger pyramid out of boxes (we have a great assortment so far).

In addition to become skilled in the laborious field of pyramid-building, we have been examining hieroglyphics in many forms. The children have noticed some of these symbols placed around the classroom; some are clear references to an idea/object, such as an image of a bird or scarab, while others are much more abstract, and can be interpreted as many things.
We have been also been examining them on the fronts of sarcophagi (plural of sarcophagus, or the outermost container for an Egyptian mummy- New vocabulary word!) in the form of a cartouche (another vocabulary word), which displayed the name of the mummy inside.
We also play a fun game with hieroglyphics, sort of like Pictionary, and we see who can guess what the symbol represents. Sometimes it can be more than one thing.

Soon, we will be making paper from the papyrus that the children will pick from the banks of the Nile, which has been steadily flowing through our classroom. We will do this very much like Ancient Egyptians, using a weaving, criss-cross pattern. Fun!

Elsewhere in the classroom, many of the children have been enjoying one of our new materials: pipes. Yep, just like the ones under your sink. They are excellent tools for assisting in the development of fine motor skills, and the children have become very imaginative with them. More are on their way, due to popular demand.

The children have also been paying a LOT of attention to our new friend, Matt.
Matt is about seven inches long, likes eating bananas and strawberries, and taking baths. Oh yeah, Matt is an Asian Box Turtle, and Aiden has been generous enough to bring his pet in to spend some time with us! During extended day, we did some preliminary observational drawings:

I am also pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Columbus Preschool Restaurant! Open Monday to Friday from 10AM to 11AM (during freeplay), the menu features delicious options such as sandwiches, pie, and pancakes. During my visit, the staff was incredibly attentive and welcoming, and I was sure to leave a nice tip on my way out.

And finally, our Pajama Party was SO MUCH FUN. Thanks to all who attended!

Don't forget: Feast on Tuesday, trip to the Met the following Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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