Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September 28, 2007

Dear Family Members and Friends:

PHEW! We’ve been having a blast since school started. Lately, we have been spending so much time in the ocean that some of us have started growing fins and flippers!

The sand table has received a visit from everyone in the classroom. We love scooping and sifting, and sometimes finding a hidden crab or turtle under the sand.

After getting parched from playing in the sand for a bit, it felt so good to cool off in the water! Swimming in our water table is an assortment of aquatic animals, and watch out for that “slimy,” “salty,” “stinky” seaweed! Milo takes a closer sniff:

The children took the far-less-pungent classroom plant, the mums, and gave it a new home in our garden outside. Everybody helped dig the hole and pat down the dirt, and some even found a few squirmy garden dwellers:

We’ve had our share of dance parties too, and when Adelaida is in the room, the excitement is never far behind. Have you heard Ella Fitzgerald singing ‘Old McDonald?’ Our room was on FIRE! We also love playing ‘freeze dance’ (the Beatles are always a big hit) and ‘get up and dance’ (below).All the children love to show their classmates their ‘happy feet!’

During extended day, we have been experimenting with brine shrimp, seaweed, sinking and floating, salt water versus fresh water, dinosaurs, tall block towers, and counting concepts. Many of these projects carry through to the next morning, as I explained during curriculum night.

..Uh-oh, I hear some dinosaurs stomping around here! Could it be Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, or the most feared of all dinosaurs, the ‘Stompasaurus?’ Stay tuned..!

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