Saturday, October 27, 2007

Autumn Artists

I just happened to notice that all of these posts (except the first one) have titles beginning with the letter 'A,' so I am attempting to continue this, for whatever reason, until I simply cannot think of any more 'A' words.

In case you have not been able to come in to see our absolutely beautiful fall collages, here are some photos. They were created entirely by the children; they chose the materials, they brought in the objects to glue down, and they put them together. I think they are a great example collaboration and creativity, and they certainly add to the decor of the classroom:

At the easels, we have been using fall colors to make beautiful paintings, also. They will be on display throughout the classroom, for the next several weeks.

On Wednesday, we had a visit from storyteller Rebecca Kelly, who in an instant transformed us all into birds and took us on a remarkable journey through story. This was storytelling at its best, and the entire class was truly enthusiastic about the adventure. We hope to have her back again very soon! Here are pictures of the raven, and the children nesting and flying!

We also received our first weekly visit from Marta, whom many of us remember from last year. We played hand games to help us remember some of our new vocabulary words, including names of colors (red/ and how to say "my name is..." (me llamo...).

On Thursday, for professional development, I went with Kate, Amanda, and Marcia to the Brick Church School on the Upper East Side. After reading an article in the Times about this school, I decided it would appropriate to visit. Brick Church is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to education. This philosophy emphasizes the role that children must play in their own education, through emergent curriculum, and favors open-ended materials to encourage creative thinking. It was a great experience for us, giving us some great new ideas and new perspectives on our own classroom.

Reminder: Parent-Teacher Conferences are November 8 - 9. . .
Hope you all enjoyed your soggy/sunny weekends!

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